Predicted chance of above-median temperature for Australia, November 2014 to January 2015. Graphic: Australia Bureau of Meterology

By Reissa Su
21 November 2014

(IBT) – Australia will be facing drought as soon as the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts a 70 percent chance of El Niño in the Pacific Ocean. By summer's end, Australians will see less rainfall as temperatures rise due to warmer weather.

The weather bureau has revised its El Niño forecast from a 50 percent probability to the current 70 percent. According to the bureau's latest report, above average sea temperatures continue to rise in the Pacific Ocean in the last two weeks. Surface temperatures have increased higher than El Niño thresholds in the past three months. The bureau's El Niño southern oscillation tracker status was changed from "watch" to "alert" level.

The eastern part of Australia may be facing dry conditions in the next three months as summer. Dr Andrew Watkins, the manager of climate prediction services said the bureau has been observing the further warming of the Pacific Ocean near the equator. He explained that the impact of El Niño is already felt in large parts of the country even if an El Niño event has not been officially declared.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has released a new report indicating that the world is nowhere close to stopping global warming. Despite the pledges of some countries to reduce carbon emissions, the UN found that emissions will continue to rise until 2050. [more]

Australia's Chance Of El Niño Rises To 70%; Heatwaves And Drought To Persist



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