Cumulative mass balance of 20 glaciers in the South Cordillera Real, Bolivia. Graphic: Soruco, 2008 via Sicart and Bernard Francou / IRD 2013

My guest post is up at Cusco Running Club: Global Warming and Peru. Check it out if you’re interested in the effects of abrupt climate change in the rural Andes:

Global warming is real

You may have heard that global warming isn't happening, or that it's a hoax, or that it has "paused" in recent years, or that it's happening but it's not caused by humans.

These rumors are false.

The fact is that global warming is happening, and it's caused by humans. We have many lines of evidence that support this conclusion [1]. The overwhelming majority of climate scientists and scientists in other fields agree [2].

Nevertheless, some vested interests sow doubt to delay the changes that humans must make to avoid warming Earth too much. Mostly, it's the fossil fuel industries – the coal and oil companies – that resist, because their products release carbon dioxide when burned, and carbon dioxide is what warms Earth’s atmosphere. The fossil fuel industries have a lot of influence in governments around the world, and they have a lot of money to spend on advertising [3]. [more]

Global Warming and Peru


  1. midatlanticriverrat said...

    The Andes, the Alps, and the Himalayas appear to be undergoing this change.

    I am afraid that what the power elites really want is a future of scarcity, where destitute people have to rely on their 'magnanimity' for subsistence.

    It is a means of putting an end to the wonder that has been the freedom of American citizens, and returning us to the darkness of a neofeudal age.



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