A police helicopter from Torshaven and officers arresting Sea Shepherd volunteers during the whale poaching event known as the Grind, 30 August 2014. Photo: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

By Captain Paul Watson
30 August 2014

Faroes Update

Total Sea Shepherd Arrests 17 All taken by helicopter to Torshaven. Number of whales murdered: 33. Cheering adults and kids on the scene celebrating the death of the whales and the arrests, All excellent images for the case we intend to build against Denmark. Crew arrested from South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Australia, and France.


Faroes Update.

  • Total Sea Shepherd volunteers confirmed arrested: 14
  • Total number of whales killed: 33
  • Total number Sea Shepherd boats seized: 3
  • Total number of pods successfully driven back to sea over the last two months: 3…
  • Evidence of Danish Navy intervention to support the killing of whales: Priceless

Boat Crew Arrested

  1. Bastien Boudoire (French)
  2. Jérôme Bonpied (French)
  3. Guido Capezzoli (French)
  4. Tiphaine Blot (French)
  5. Baptiste Brebel (French)
  6. Antoine Le Dref (French)
  7. Céline Le Dourion (French)
  8. Krystal Keynes (Australian)

Land Crew Arrested

  1. Maggie Gschnitzer (Italy)
  2. Rorigio Gilkuri (Mexico)
  3. Nikki Botha (South Africa)
  4. Monnique Rossouw (South Africa)
  5. Sergio Toribio (Spain)
  6. Alexandra Sellet (France)

Slaughter and Loathing on Sandoy as 33 whales Die in Agony and Nine Sea Shepherd volunteers are Arrested by Faroese Police and the Danish Navy

By Captain Paul Watson
30 August 2014

For the last 85 days, Sea Shepherd has been able to find and escort whale pods away from the Faroe Islands. We have documented the activities but have not released them so as to not anger the whalers. Today a pod of 33 pilot whales came so close to a killing bay on Sandoy that the thugs from that island were able to get to them rather quickly. Sea Shepherd land crew made it to the beach and into the water as three Sea Shepherd three fast boats arrived on the scene before the killing began. Unfortunately a police helicopter from Torshaven and vessels from the Danish Navy made it to the Bay at the same time. The Danish Navy ordered the boats to stand off. We have not heard back from the boats so we do not know what their situation is. We do know the entire Sandoy land team has been arrested and 33 pilot whales are dead on the beach.

  • Maggie Gschnitzer (Italy)
  • Rorigio Gilkuri (Mexico)
  • Nikki Botha (South Africa)
  • Monnique Rossouw (South Africa)
  • Sergio Toribio (Spain)
  • Alexandra Sellet (France)

Confirmed that the Danish Navy has taken three Sea Shepherd fast boats - the Loki, the Mike Galesi, and the B.S. Sheen. 9 boat crew arrested. Total arrests now 17. Sea Shepherd land crew from Torshaven prevented by Police Road Blocks from approaching within a kilometer of the beach.

Now that this slaughter has taken place, we can mention that over the last 82 days, Sea Shepherd boat crews have deflected three pods of whales away from the island before the killers could spot them. Unfortunately covering 18 islands is a difficult task but I am proud of the fact hat our volunteers saved those whales and made a valiant attempt to save these 33.

The positive side of this encounter is we now have evidence to implicate the Danish government and Sea Shepherd will take this evidence to the European Parliament to demand that action be taken against Denmark for collaboration with an illegal slaughter of whales. No European member of the EU may be involved with whaling and although the Faroese is not a member of the EU they receive massive subsidies from the EU through Denmark. The Faroese may be exempt but Denmark is not and now we have the evidence that pilot whale blood in on the hands of Danish sailors and Danish Police, What is rotten in the Faroes is also very much rotten in Denmark. [more]

Slaughter and Loathing on Sandoy as 33 whales Die in Agony and Nine Sea Shepherd volunteers are Arrested by Faroese Police and the Danish Navy


  1. Anonymous said...

    Uh oh, this isn't good.


  2. Anonymous said...

    Anonymous - it's just disinformation. The Daily Mail is pure garbage and well known for climate denial. You will find this linked from Matt Drudge - a MAJOR disinformation scumbag, especially on climate denial.

    500 cubic miles of ice are disappearing from Greenland and Antarctica - each year.


    The Arctic has lost over 40% of its ice. This is a large (40mb) movie:


    If that's too big, try this - you can change the dates if you like for a side-by-side comparison:


    The disinformation regarding sea ice cover is astounding. The Arctic continues to lose massive amounts of ice.

    If none of this convinces you - then simply find someone who lives there.  


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