Robert E. Murray, of Murray Energy Corp., speaks during a news conference on 7 Aug. 2007. Murray is the owner of the largest independent coal producer in the U.S. and is threatening to sue the Environmental Protection Agency over its regulations on carbon emissions from existing coal plants. Photo: Scott Sommerdorf /  AP

By Emily Atkin
10 June 2014

(ClimateProgress) – The owner of the largest independent coal producer in the U.S. is threatening to sue the Environmental Protection Agency over its new regulations on carbon emissions from existing coal plants, saying the agency has been lying about the existence of global warming, and that the earth is actually getting colder.

In an extended profile published last month, Murray Energy Corp. founder Robert Murray told WV Executive that the EPA’s claims that climate change exists violates the federal Data Quality Act, which requires agencies to rely on quality, objective information to inform its decisions.

“Under the act, they are obligated to tell the truth, and they are not telling the truth about global warming,” Murray reportedly said. “They are not telling hardly any truth about the science. The earth has actually cooled over the last 17 years, so under the Data Quality Act, they’ve actually been lying about so-called global warming.”

Murray added, “This lawsuit will force them to not just take data from the environmentalists and publish it, as they have been doing, but to review that data and make sure it’s accurate.”

Of course, the EPA does not just take data from environmentalists to inform its position on climate change. A comprehensive analysis of peer-reviewed research shows a 97 percent consensus among scientists that global warming is real and primarily driven by humans. And the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change, a massive global effort to compile and analyze climate research by scientists and experts around the world, found that there is a 95 percent likelihood that human activities drove 74 percent of the observed global warming since 1950.

The argument that the earth is cooling has also been thoroughly debunked by peer-reviewed research, which shows both a slight increase in surface temperatures and an enormous increase in the temperature of the ocean, which fuels arctic ice melt and sea level rise. [more]

Coal Company CEO Threatens To Sue EPA For ‘Lying’ About Climate Change


  1. Anonymous said...

    Let's hope it happens. Let's hope they do sue. Then the entire sordid history of coal and the billions of tons of toxic emissions and how it destroys the chemical composition of the atmosphere comes out in court.

    The tens of thousands of early deaths contributed to coal emmissions could also be revealed in court.

    RE: climate change from coal and warming up - pretty bloody obvious now.

    I say SUE you Earth destroying bastards - we'd love to see your butts in court where we can prove to the entire world that what you are doing is destroying the future of the biosphere.  

  2. Dan Pangburn said...

    Anyone paying attention is aware that climate has always changed. The uptrend accompanying the Industrial Revolution began at the depths of the Little Ice Age (approximately 1700) and progressed fairly steadily through the 20th century. It became known as Global Warming (GW) during the comparatively steep rise in the last quarter of the 20th century.

    GW ended before 2001. Measured average global temperature trend since 2001 has been flat (average of the 5 reporting agencies) and is 0.3 K less than 'consensus' predictions. That 0.3 K is 40% of the total rise in the 20th century. Since 2001, the CO2 level has increased by 30% of the total increase 1800-2001.

    Two natural drivers have been identified that explain measured average global temperatures since before 1900 with 95% correlation. CO2 change is not one of them.

    Search using key words AGW unveiled to discover the drivers and a graph that also shows what they predict.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Dan - you're a moron. Nobody but your cherry picked data believes that GW "ended". Temperatures continue to rise over land and ocean.

    Start here for an education:  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Climate change is more complex than just extra carbon being put into the atmosphere by fossil fuels. It is more complex and the climate has been warming and cooling of it's own for thousands of years. If you want to get a perspective on its complexities please go to this link and Randal Carlson will explain how difficult it is to understand climate change. We are affecting climate change as humans and we are toxifying our environment but it's not a black and white issue if you want to look at the truth of it.  

  5. Dan Pangburn said...

    Anon - Your apparent lack of broad science skill makes you (and a lot of others) gullible.

    What part of "... explain measured average global temperatures since before 1900 with 95% correlation." did you not grasp?

    The method and data sources are all provided so anyone can verify my findings.  


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