Coal plant in China. Photo: World Bank Photo Collection 

By Michael E. Mann
18 March 2014

(Scientific American) –  “Temperatures have been flat for 15 years—nobody can properly explain it,” the Wall Street Journal says. “Global warming ‘pause’ may last for 20 more years, and Arctic sea ice has already started to recover,” the Daily Mail says. Such reassuring claims about climate abound in the popular media, but they are misleading at best. Global warming continues unabated, and it remains an urgent problem.

The misunderstanding stems from data showing that during the past decade there was a slowing in the rate at which the earth's average surface temperature had been increasing. The event is commonly referred to as “the pause,” but that is a misnomer: temperatures still rose, just not as fast as during the prior decade. The important question is, What does the short-term slowdown portend for how the world may warm in the future? [more]

Earth Will Cross the Climate Danger Threshold by 2036


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hogwash. At only .85C there are already 30,000,000 million displaced people per year; climate-related deaths are over 100,000; devasting storms, floods, ice and more have cause $500,000,000,000 in damage PER YEAR; increased temperatures which have NOT DECLINED OR SLOWED DOWN whatsoever have melted 40 trillion tons of ice per year.

    This is another article that is simply lying (again) about "dangerous climate to come". It's already dangerous and getting worse month-by-month.

    And it's already unstoppable.

    Humans are totally screwed and will all be dead by 2050. So will everything else.  


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