Aerial view of waves eroding through the Dawlish rail line in Devon. Southern Britain was hit by hurricane-force winds and heavy rain, combined with high tides, on 8 February 2014. Photo: Sky News

8 February 2014 (Sky News) – Southern Britain is on alert as hurricane-force winds and heavy rain combine with high tides to threaten more flooding misery.

South Wales and the South West were the first areas to be hit by the storm which is set to move over the rest of southern England throughout the afternoon.

The South Coast is currently being battered by huge waves, and the Coastguard in Brixham, Devon said waves of up to 46ft (14 metres) could occur if forecasters' predictions are correct. Waves of that size are classified as 'phenomenal' by the Met Office marine forecast.

The extreme weather is also likely to heap more pain on inland areas such as the crisis-hit Somerset Levels.

Residents there have endured weeks of rain, with many evacuated over the last 48 hours with help from the Royal Marines.

Some 1,500 military personnel remain on standby if today's storm causes significant damage. [more]

Waves Lash South Coast As Storm Hits



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