Brad Johnson holds a sign that reads, 'Washington Post: Don't publish lies'. On 20 February 2014, Brad Johnson (@climatebrad on Twitter) posted:'Today, 110,000 citizens told @washingtonpost to stop publishing climate lies like today's @krauthammer oped'. Photo: Brad Johnson / Twitter 

By Lindsay Abrams
25 February 2014

(Salon) – Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer published a head slapper of a column last week, in which the conservative pundit managed to spew an enormous number of misinformed, misleading claims, all couched in this “disclaimer” of an opening graf:

I repeat: I’m not a global warming believer. I’m not a global warming denier. I’ve long believed that it cannot be good for humanity to be spewing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I also believe that those scientists who pretend to know exactly what this will cause in 20, 30 or 50 years are white-coated propagandists.

The column already received a deserved takedown in the Post’s own Op-Ed pages, courtesy of his colleague Stephen Stromberg. The same day it was published, coincidentally, protesters with CREDO and Forecast the Facts delivered a petition to the Post’s D.C. offices demanding that the paper stop publishing Op-Eds that spread misinformation about the science of climate change.

But prominent climate scientist Michael Mann doesn’t think Krauthammer’s chicanery is worth taking that seriously. “[Krauthammer's] commentary is a veritable laundry list of shopworn talking points,” Mann writes over at LiveScience, “so predictable now in climate change denialist lore that one can make a drinking game out of it.” What makes this great is that’s exactly what Mann proceeds to do (emphases his):

His cry that it is “anti-scientific” to declare climate change a “fact?” A swig of vodka to start things out. [The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has concluded that "Climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human activities , and poses significant risks for — and in many cases is already affecting — a broad range of human and natural systems."] [more]

Debunking Charles Krauthammer’s climate lies: A drinking game



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