1. Anonymous said...

    We could the same type of "awards" for America for 2013:

    1) The dumbest America in history!
    2) The biggest lies about climate!
    3) The highest level of brain-dead deniers!
    4) The greatest number of self-presecribed experts!
    5) The blindest Americans!
    6) The highest levels of ignorance!
    7) The most climate-denial spending on Earth!
    8) The greatest deception embraced by the most people!
    9) The most denied story by journalism!
    10) The world's greatest emergency!
    11) The world's leading polluter per capita!
    12) The world's greatest energy hogs!

    You get the idea...

    I hate Americans. The people here are dumb as fucking stumps.

    And they like it that way.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Guess what. It's a repeat performance for Jan '14. Heat records currently smashing in South Australia and Victoria. :(  


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