Meteorologist Eric Holthaus, tweets that he will never fly again, after reading the new IPCC climate report. 'I just broke down in tears in boarding area at SFO while on phone with wife. I've never cried because of a science report before.' Graphic: Eric Holthaus / Twitter

By Benjamin Hart 
27 September 2013

(Huffington Post) – Eric Holthaus, a meteorologist who has covered weather for the Wall Street Journal, tweeted that he will no longer fly on planes after a grim climate-change report left him in tears. Holthaus, who now writes for Quartz, was reacting to findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a well-respected body that includes 195 member countries, which released a report on Friday that found it is "extremely likely" that humans are causing warming trends seen in the last several decades. It also revised upwards its estimates of the increase in sea levels by the end of the 21st century. Holthaus took the news hard, and vowed to reduce his carbon footprint by giving up on air travel. [more]

Eric Holthaus, Meteorologist, Tweets That He Will Never Fly Again


  1. Anonymous said...

    I find this rather pathetic. It took this long for a meteorologists to finally realize that humans are the primary cause of climate change?

    Are you f*cking kidding me?

    I gave up DRIVING and air travel over ten years ago. Then when the Fatherland Security apparatus took over after 9/11, it made even more sense to give up air travel, something I'd already done.

    I begged people to stop flying - but almost nobody did.

    I suspect Eric Holthaus is simply grandstanding, hoping to improve his career. The fact that he published this for all the world to see, and he waited this long to wake the f*ck up indicates he's just another pretender. Read his tweets:

    Proof positive he's just another grandstanding idiot that is seeking attention. In other words, his "lifesytle change" isn't real, it's showbizness.

    ~Survival Acres~  

  2. pinkpearl said...

    What Survival Acres said.  

  3. John Glavis said...

    Rather than doubt the author's sincerity I think what is called for is compassion. Each individual's transition from ignorance and denial to the realization of our shared catastrophic planetary situation is a deeply personal one. Some buds have hardly formed. Others are in full bloom...while still others are deep in their hardening seed...guided by the perennial wisdom of quantum nature. Everywhere I see people struggling on multiple levels with little ability to comprehend the complexity of what is happening to them. As an ex-Kent State student who was present in the 1970 circle of planners for the first Earth Day my history runs the gamut, including time with Indigenous elders who their own version of change. What is left here is that place in each of us where we finally cry after reading a science report,..where we are moved enough to care for a world bigger than our self-obsessed isolation..and we wander thru the endangered rainforests of the heart...and we are changed.... Our question : How close to tears? How deep the laugh?  


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