White sided dolphins being slaughtered on the Hvalba beach in the Faroe Islands, 13 August 2013. The grindadráp, or grind hunt, is an annual event in the Faroes, with hundreds of marine mammals butchered, mostly pilot whales. Photo: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

13 August 2013 (SSCS) – Faroe Islands update:

After not killing any cetaceans during the first 6 months of this year, the last 23 days have seen the Faroese massacre 1106 small cetaceans:

  • 125 pilot whales killed on 21st July at Viðvík
  • 267 pilot whales killed on 30th July at Fuglafjørður
  • 107 pilot whales killed on 8th August at Sandavágur
  • 21 pilot whales killed on 11th August at Leynar
  • 136 pilot whales killed on 13th August at Húsavík
  • 450 white sided dolphins killed also on 13th August at Hvalba

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society



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