Accumulated deforestation for non-Brazil Amazon countries, through 2012. Graphic: / O'Eco / InfoAmazonia

By Rhett A. Butler
26 June 2013

( – Peru had the largest extent of forest loss in 2012, losing 48,000 hectares, an increase of 15,431 ha or 47 percent over 2011. Venezuela (11,606 ha), Colombia (10,069 ha), Bolivia (6,975 ha), Suriname (6,569 ha), Guyana (3,713 ha), Ecuador (1,663 ha), and French Guyana (1,338 ha) followed. In terms of percentage change, Colombia (118 percent) and Suriname (114 percent) had the rate of increase over the period. Bolivia saw a 66 percent decrease in deforestation.

Deforestation rates for Amazon countries outside Brazil



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