Michigan State University sociologist Aaron McCright found that people who believe in the scientific consensus on global warming are more likely to support a government role in curbing it -- regardless of their political party. Photo: MSUBy John Upton
3 May 2013

(Grist) – Republican voters are told over and over by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and GOP leaders in Congress that climate change is a sham, a scare campaign orchestrated by scientists with liberal agendas. Ergo, Republicans are less likely than others to believe that fossil-fuel burning is changing the climate. It stands to reason, therefore, that they are less likely to support efforts to tackle the problem.

But once Republicans come to understand that the world is indeed imperiled by global warming, they begin to support government actions to try to rein in greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s the conclusion of a new study published in the journal Climatic Change. Researchers analyzed the results of a 2012 Gallup poll that asked around 1,000 Americans about their climate change views. From a Michigan State University press release:

U.S. residents who believe in the scientific consensus on global warming are more likely to support government action to curb emissions, regardless of whether they are Republican or Democrat, according to a study led by a Michigan State University sociologist.

However, a political divide remains on the existence of climate change despite the fact that the vast majority of scientists believe it is real, said Aaron M. McCright, associate professor in Lyman Briggs College and the Department of Sociology.

The study, in the journal Climatic Change, is one of the first to examine the influence of political orientation on perceived scientific agreement and support for government action to reduce emissions.

“The more people believe scientists agree about climate change, the more willing they are to support government action, even when their party affiliation is taken into account,” McCright said. “But there is still a political split on levels of perceived scientific agreement, in that fewer Republicans and conservatives than Democrats and liberals believe there is a scientific consensus.” [more]

Study: When Republicans understand climate science, they support climate action


  1. opit said...

    Again you baldly certify that 'climate science' is a partisan concept. Calling "Post Normal Science" anything but a Framing Exercise denying Scientific Method is worthy of the worst GOP loons.
    Do you ever check out what scientists are actually saying before Projecting the Propaganda ? ( That's a GW Bush phrase )
    Why the Global Warming Agenda is Wrong
    A - Z Climate Reality Check pdf

  2. Jim said...

    Hi Opit,

    Thanks for dropping in, I always enjoy your comments.

    I'll suggest that you have the cart before the horse. It was the fossil fuel industries who politicized the discussion around climate science, for the same reason that the tobacco industry politicized health studies in tobacco-related illnesses: self-interest.

    I always suggest reading a good college-level text on climate science, so people can distinguish science from tosh. Try Principles of Planetary Climate by Ray Pierrehumbert, which I had a small part in editing,  

  3. Anonymous said...

    A very poorly done video opit.

    Pure propaganda with no scientific support. The natural variation has been well documented and debunked as the reason for the current warming.

    Your other "evidence" is written by a climate skeptic with near-zero credibility.

    Read this:

    Anybody that continues to doubt the ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS needs to have their head examined.  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Evidence will reign at some point. That point will be much too late.  


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