Minnesota Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, claims there's been no warming trend over the last 16 years (according to CPAC), therefore climate change is 'just a complete United Nations fraud and lie'. Photo: The Uptake

By Aaron Rupar
16 May 2013

(City Pages) – Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, is anti-gay and gets his "facts" from materials distributed at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Other than that, we're sure he's exactly the sort of elected leader Minnesota needs.

During a recent rant on the House floor, Gruenhagen characterized climate change as "just a complete United Nations fraud and lie" and "utter nonsense." He went on to suggest there isn't any environmental problem the free hand of the unfettered capitalist marketplace isn't capable of solving on its own.

Here's a transcript of part of Gruenhagen's speech, followed by the raw video:

Ultimately the underlying philosophy that supports all this is the so-called man-made global warming or climate change theory. And the fact is, members, there's more and more evidence coming in that it's just a complete United Nations fraud and lie, okay? The latest facts from CPAC show that in the last 16 years, there's been no global warming. The last 16 years, members. …

So members, I'd recommend that you keep breathing, okay? Because, you know, man-made global warming believes that exhaling causes global warming. I mean, the more you study it the more utter nonsense you see it is. … [more]

MNGOP Rep. Gruenhagen on climate change: "It's just a complete United Nations fraud" [VIDEO]


  1. opit said...

    We agree he's a fraud. :) That "free hand of the unfettered capitalist marketplace" ezists only in GOP Talking Points. Unhappily, I still see people talking about scientific consensus and nothing about actual science when it comes to showing climate change is related to carbon emissions. That sucks almost as much as the 'free market' controlled my monopolies programming government regulation via ALEC.
    I will admit genius in attributing doubt about 'the science' to obvious industry bias : problem is, in a world where science depends on free discussion of possibilities, refusing to have one invalidates any claim of consensus or science. And no, true believers 'educated' in the culture are not adequate challenge to the premise.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Proof positive that only absolute idiots, fools, charlatans and self-promoting morons inhabit public office.

    The rest of us wouldn't dare, knowing that this den of thieves, liars, murderers and corrupt gang of evildoers will not be stopped by joining their ranks. Reform from "within" has proven to be impossible. Only revolution from with out is our last remaining option to gain some sense back to this country.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    The science is freely available to anyone and everyone who asks for it. Or you can perform it yourself if you like. The discussions are also open to participation. The actual science does show a clear connection to carbon emissions.

    If you're not reading the science, the connections, the peer reviews, the results, this is your fault, not the scientists or their conclusions.  

  4. opit said...

    "The actual science does show a clear connection to carbon emissions." Your clarity is underwhelming. Nor does paid research to prove a postulation allow adequate review of the possibilities - which are not merely bipolar.


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