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By Dominique Mosbergen     
2 November 2012

A new poll reveals the majority of registered Republican voters believe that demonic possession is a real phenomenon.

The "Halloween-centric" poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling showed that 68 percent of Republican voters think it's possible to be possessed by demons.

Meanwhile, as news website AlterNet notes, only 48 percent of Republicans polled in an earlier survey conducted by the Pew Research Center survey said they believe in climate change.

As the election looms ever closer, the topic of climate change and global warming has been in the air -- with some experts and politicians calling the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy a reality check.

However, while 88 percent of Obama supporters believe that there is "solid evidence that the earth is warming," only 42 percent of Romney supporters said that this is true, according to the Pew survey.

In addition, 33 percent of Romney supporters (compared to 5 percent of Obama supporters) said they believe global warming is "not a problem." […]

Most Republicans Believe In Demon Possession, Less Than Half Believe In Climate Change: Report


  1. Anonymous said...

    Oh my God. Are you f*cking serious?

    This from the Onion, right? No??


    Idiots. Every last one of them.

    Morons who want to take us all back to the Dark Ages.

    And to think that they scream about "Sharia Law". What they're offering isn't much better.

    God save us all.

    Oh, whatever "deity" you think exists. Just please don't let these creeps come into power.  

  2. rpauli said...

    Wait, isn't that why the planet is warming??

    It is possessed by a demon warming chemical that heats up the atmosphere!

  3. Dave Bonnett said...

    This is a joke, right?  

  4. davy wormwood said...

    thats a really scary statistic, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Take a look at my video if you want a reasoned, logical look at possession -


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