[Particularly doomy at 7:20.]

By Steve Moraco - http://facebook.com/SMPhot
29 June 2012

Please watch in full screen and in HD if at all possible! This is intended to be viewed full screen on monitors and screens with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

You can find the Vimeo version here: http://vimeo.com/stevemoraco/waldocanyon

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Shot as a series of 20,000 8MP Jpeg images on a Canon 7D with the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. Made on a Mac using Adobe's Lightroom and Premiere. Exported in full 24fps 1080p.

5 Day Timelapse - Waldo Canyon Fire - June 23rd-28th

Time lapse of the Waldo Canyon Fire on June 26th beginning around 5:00pm and ending around 3:00am on June 27th. You can see the fire make it through the Mountain Shadows neighborhood. Taken from just west of UCCS. Copyright 2012 Nicholas B. Lee http://nicholasblee.com

Waldo Canyon Fire Time Lapse - June 26th


  1. rpauli said...

    And to think that orchestra and choir stayed nearby to perform during the fire....  

  2. Robin Datta said...

    Superb blend of photography and accompaniment: an angst-provoking presage of events yet to come.  


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