Tornadoes and climate change, 4 April 2012. Tornado activity in 2012 is far ahead of average, with 401 tornadoes this year already, against the April 4th average of 268. Climate Nexus

In recent years, meteorologists have documented a rash of unusually early tornadoes. In addition, tornadoes are moving northward. The early March swarm of tornadoes was driven in part by unusually warm temperatures.

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  1. Gail said...

    When are these bozos going to stop pussyfooting around and come out and say there are more tornados because of climate change?

  2. Harold Brooks said...

    2008 and 2012 got off to early starts, but 2009-2011 certainly didn't. 2011 was slower to start than normal.

    As for when "these bozos" will come out and say there are more tornadoes because of climate change (assuming you mean anthropogenic climate change), it will happen when there's some evidence for it. We've also had recent years that have been well below normal and there's no robust statistic (path length of tornadoes, number of F1+ tornadoes) that indicates tornadoes have become more numerous.

    Physically, there's no expectation in the climate change-severe thunderstorm scientific community that tornadoes will increase in number or intensity as the planet warms. The primary atmospheric parameter that leads to large number of strong tornadoes is the vertical wind shear, which is projected to decrease as the global temperature increase.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    "Scientific reticence".

    While doubters continue to spin lies about funding and grants provided to climate scientists and the allegations that they are doctoring data (all untrue), what they should be actually documenting is the scientific reticence -- the unwillingness to truly lay it all out for fear of rejection.

    "I’ve long held the public (posted) and private opinion that scientific reticence, and the inability to correlate the data across many various disciplines, has led to woefully short “under estimates” on how severe climate impacts will be. What is now very clear, is this has proven to be very true. Past estimates, and even the still-present current estimates, are constantly being revised and updated to reflect the growing body of evidence that climate impacts are going to be far worse then the “worst case scenarios” once thought ludicrous."

    One of these days, I expect, we'll start seeing the real fear that they're feeling. Too bad it will be too late.

    ~Survival Acres~  


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