Ranking of U.S. states according to climate preparedness planning, 2012. NRDC

4 April 2012 (NRDC) – As climate change affects communities across the U.S., some states are leading the way in preparing for the impacts on water resources. These states are reducing carbon pollution and planning for climate change impacts. Yet many states are not acting and remain woefully unprepared.

  • Green: The state has developed an integrated and comprehensive preparedness plan that addresses all relevant water sectors and state agencies.
  • Light green: Activities to prepare for climate change impacts are underway in select state agencies, but they are fragmented, not fully coordinated, or not guided by an overarching strategy or plan.
  • Orange: The state's consideration of potential climate change impacts on water resources in existing programs and policies is limited.
  • Red: The state has yet to formally address climate change preparedness.

Ready or Not: How Water-Ready is Your State?



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