Screenshot of the 2012 Weblog Award winners for ‘Best Science or Technology Weblog’ and 'Best Canadian Weblog'. The winners are notorious deniers of climate science.

In a tiresome repeat of past years, climate-science denialist site, Watts Up With That? has again won a “best science blog” award. Also notable is Climate Audit, which was deeply involved in provoking the manufactured “Climategate” affair, as “Best Canadian Weblog”.

In 2010, Desdemona appealed to the Weblog Awards editors to exclude anti-science sites from the “Best Science” category, to no avail. Although the rules state, “Nominees must suit the category they are placed in”, Des couldn’t get the Bloggie folks to see that it would be hard to find a blog less suited to its category. 

Instead of finding the “best blog”, what the Bloggies  actually measure is the ability of a blog to mobilize its readers to flood popularity contests like this one. So we shouldn’t be surprised by this annual outcome, but nevertheless Des is dismayed by it every year.

The 2012 Bloggies


  1. rpauli said...

    Instead I think the headline should read that The Bloggies Awards have become totally worthless.  

  2. Woody Emanuel said...

    I've used their contact link to register my complaint and urge them to redo their rules.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    The label 'anti-science' is better used for sites against evolution. This one looks more sciency than most climate sites. Call it anti-climate change or something that fits.  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Just because it "looks more sciency" doesn't mean anything about whether or not the website contains valid science. In both cases they do not.  

  5. Anonymous said...

    It is more and more evident that anti-climate change, or what we all know as the "denialist" position, is a very dangerous position to all of humanity.

    Awarding such people any recognition or dubious "award" is ludicrous and absurd. This shows just how out of touch with reality the blogsphere really is in many cases.

    Watching the news just last night and the weather lady made it clear, "We've never seen anything like this, not in very early March". I am of course referring to the steady march of supercells devastating a large swath of the country right now.

    Climate change and it's effects are extremely evident, unless you have one's head deeply buried in your nether regions. Or if you only read ridiculous website like Watts Up With That.

    I find that the level of awareness, intelligence, cognitive ability and scientific background of readers and posters on sites such as "that" is poorly lacking in critical analytical skills.

    The good news however is these clowns are only talking to themselves, as shown by a recent study. They are not reaching anybody new, the number of people who are accepting the scientific and actual reality of climate change is growing, up 7% from last year.

    Climate denialists are dangerously deluded and pose and increasing danger to all of humanity. They are in fact climate terrorists, because they are insisting on a "no responsibility" policy that is affecting the very future of all humankind.

    To them, it's all about money, so here is a article to read:

    William Nordhaus Slams Global Warming Deniers, Explains Cost of Delay

    But in truth, it is about far, far more then merely money, it's about having a habitable planet in which to live on.

    Pointing out these obvious facts to climate denialist is the same experience as beating your own head against a brick wall. The mental density of these fools and gymnastics that they undergo to support their position is incredulous. I've personally no use for any of them, considering them all dangerously deluded, misguided, uninformed, ill-read and a true threat to mankind.

    ~Survival Acres~  


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