1. Anonymous said...

    Which "theory" is more likely?

    Hmmm. Neither actually. It's not a theory at all that Big Oil has always corrupted the truth about climate science, it's a FACT and quite easily proven, again and again and again.

    On the other hand, it can also be just as easily proven that environmental groups are NOT corrupting the science, another FACT.

    So the question should be, "What evidence is there that climate science is being distorted and by which group?".

    Of course this all begs the question, why are people so gulliable, refusing to accept what is so incredibly obvious now? GO OUTSIDE and look at what is happening. Read the news on disaster after disaster (although you would have to look farther then the American media, who is clearly in league with Big Oil).
    Read sites like this one and Fire Earth and Climate Progress and Real Climate and virtually countless others to see what is happening now on a global scale -- huge climate related disaster unlike anything the world has experience in the modern age.

    It boggles my mind that so many allegedly intelligent humans can be so incredibly stupid and go on denying what is so incredibly obvious. It's more then cognitive dissonance, it is clearly obvious and willful stupidity now.

    The world and its human population has been adequately warned to shape up before we belatedly "discover" just how bad it is, but few are listening, giving themselves over to greed, stupidity, arrogance and a willful denial that is rooted in "human superiority" over all things. Trashing the planet is apparently a human birthright, but don't you think we've done enough already? Or would we really rather live on a totally inhospital planet?

    Isn't it already obvious what we have chosen to do?

    ~Survival Acres~  

  2. Gail said...

    Okay, this is really cute, it made me laugh!!

    Oops. Can we say cute?


    This is...awful...

    never mind...  

  3. Martin Vermeer said...

    > It's not a theory at all

    But it is -- a very good one :-)  

  4. gerald said...

    The Koch brothers would not be who they are if they did not fund and even believe false science.  


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