Workers test a car in Japan for radiation from the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. Kanji Tada / Yomiuri Shimbun / AP Photo

By arevamirpal::laprimavera
25 February 2012

That's when they started testing, and 500 used cars from Nagoya Port alone.

Japanese used cars are popular in Russia, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Despite the nuclear accident, the number of exported used cars in 2011 increased slightly over 2010 to 857,779 cars according to the Used Car Export Industry News, with Russia at the top with over 110K, followed by the United Arab Emirates.

Kyodo News (2/25/2012):


Nagoya Port Authority disclosed on February 25 that 500 used cars were found with radiation levels at or exceeding 0.3 microsievert/hour, the standard set by the [used car] industry from August last year to January this year, and that the cars were returned to the shippers.


The used cars were to be exported outside Japan or to be transported to different parts of Japan. Nagoya Port Authority does not keep track of the cars returned to the shippers.


According to Nagoya Port Authority, 0.3 microsievert/hour standard was set by the Japan Harbor Transportation Association and All Japan Dockworkers' Union (JDU) to secure the safety of the dockworkers. The radiation testing has been done at ports in Japan since August last year. […]

500 Used Cars to Be Shipped from Nagoya Port Have Exceeded Radiation Limit Since August Last Year



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