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26 January 2012

When it was someone else's problem (Chernobyl), Japan was telling the truth about the effect of radiation, particularly on children.

Here’s Tokyo Brown Tabby's translation and captioning of a TV program from 1993.

Ironically, the female newscaster has morphed into one of the strongest proponents (even today) of nuclear power generation. The journalist on the right has remained a journalist; he was seen investigating and reporting from the high-radiation areas in Fukushima, right after Reactor 1 blew up at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Tabby's description of the YouTube video:

This video is from a Japanese evening news program broadcast on Nihon TV, seven years after the Chernobyl accident (around 1993).

I hope the families in Fukushima who still hesitate to voluntarily evacuate their children will watch this and change their minds.

The original video is at:

The German version is at 007bratsche's channel:

The French version is at kna60's channel:

What Happened to Chernobyl Children 7 Years after the Accident (from a Japanese TV program in 1993)



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