World energy-related carbon dioxide emissions by fuel, 1990-2035 in billion MT. EIA via

By Gregor Macdonald
September 20, 2011

There are many unfortunate outcomes to Peak Oil. One of the more serious is the world’s transition back to coal. Expensive BTU from crude oil has influenced the energy adoption pathway of the Developing World for ten years now, pushing the five billion people in the Non-OECD towards coal. My work has documented this shift for some time. But, I have paid less attention here at to the effect this paradigmatic change will have on our climate.

In this week’s release of the EIA’s International Energy Outlook, I found the following graph, projecting carbon emissions out to 2035. The EIA is correct to note the surge in emissions from coal. | see: World Energy Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Fuel 1990-2035 in billion MT. […]

Coal’s Terrible Forecast via The Oil Drum



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