Doomsday billboard reads 'Save the Date! Return of Christ May 21, 2011'. / wonkette

Desdemona readers outside of the failing U.S. industrial deathkulture may not be aware of the latest doomsday prediction from one of the degenerate branches of American Christianity. It seems that the Holy Bible predicts precisely the date and time of Judgment Day: 21 May 2011, at 6:00 PM local time. Desdemona likes that Yahweh has chosen to stage the event by time zone; presumably there are queueing issues in Heaven’s intake process.

Direct action is always a fun, although often futile, effort to highlight bizarre issues in the Anthropocene, and this action tickles Desdemona’s inner Cosmic Trickster:

Many pranksters plan to leave sets of shoes and clothes here and there on Saturday afternoon, so that fundamentalist Christians might see these abandoned garments and think the real Christians got sucked up to meet the Lord already. This is a very mean prank. Plus, would American Jesus actually allow naked people into His Kingdom? American Jesus is pretty uptight!

This Saturday’s Rapture: What You Need To Know

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  1. richard pauli said...

    I think much of the polar ice cap has been raptured. It being white and all.  

  2. elvin said...

    i think it was an hbo 'six feet under' episode where some pranksters helium inflated a bunch of party dolls and had them under a net in a pickup truck. on the highway the net comes loose and dolls go flying and people stop and get out of cars and start praying and get hit by other cars. macabre? yes. funny? yes. i love a good hack. i used to take cheap porno dvds to church yard sales and slip them into their used sale bins...  


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