An aerial view shows a flooded mosque in a village in Sujawal, about 150 km (93 mi) from Karachi in Pakistan's Sindh province, August 29, 2010. REUTERS / Akhtar Soomro

By Jasper Fakkert, Epoch Times Staff
Sep 21, 2010

Seven weeks after floods submerged large parts of Pakistan, thousands of people continue to flee their homes every day, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

“The flood waters are rising, and every day we are seeing 20,000 to 30,000 people newly displaced,” said Andy Pendleton, a U.N. official in the southern Pakistani city of Hyderabad, in a news release.

According to Pendleton, water surrounding Lake Manchar is forcing flood victims living in temporary shelters to flee again.

“First we had the rain, then the water from the river, and now the lake,” said Fawad Hussain, a U.N. relief coordinator.

According to the U.N., there are also still flood survivors who have been stranded in submerged villages for weeks.

An estimated 20 million people have been affected by the floods.

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