Desperate: Refugees fight to get food donated by a local charity in the village of Karamdad Qureshi in Punjab province, 22 August 2010. Some 20 million people have been affected by the worst flooding in Pakistan's history. Reuters

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 9:57 AM on 22nd August 2010

Tired, desperate and starving, these two men come to blows as they fight over a food package handed out by a local charity.

With more than 20million people displaced by flooding that is now officially the worst disaster Pakistan has ever faced, the humanitarian crisis has only just begun.

The men are among eight million people who the UN has classified as being in urgent need of assistance. …

More than four million Pakistanis have been made homeless by nearly three weeks of floods, the United Nations said on Thursday, making the critical task of securing greater amounts of aid more urgent. …

Pakistan yesterday thanked its neighbour and rival India for donating £3.2million in aid to the flood-ravaged country. …

Desperate refugees fight over food as UN says EIGHT MILLION flood-stricken Pakistanis are in 'urgent need' of food



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