Apologize to BP. apologizetobp.comYou should submit your apology to BP. You can submit videos, photos, quotes, whatever you want, as long as you apologize for the thing you did to BP. Did you eat all BP's cheetos? Did you forget to fill up their tank the last time you borrowed their car? Let it all out. Make amends. Say you are sorry.

Rep. Joe Burton is right. BP deserves better than the horrible treatment they've gotten from America. The GOP is ashamed of America, and you should be to. All BP did was try to bring us delicious crude oil with which we could drive our SUVs. They made tremendous sacrifices.  And what did they get out of the deal? Just a little profit, which they could now LOSE thanks to mean America holding them accountable. This year they could make over 25% less billions in profits, thanks to America's socialist agenda.

The best America is one that privatizes profits and socializes losses. So Apologize to BP. 

Background and logo courtesy of @ImSorryBP. Other things you should read so you can think about what you did:

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