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  1. mikebendz said...

    I appreciate this effort to put DD news in video form.

    But I really hate that robotic voice and the "animation," which everyone seems to be doing.

    It's like our weather service warnings here: they're too cheap to find a real human to announce warnings. They have that robotic voice and you can't tell WTF the warning is about.

    DD is a great site.  

  2. Michael Jensen said...


    I don't think it's ready for prime time -- it was especially hard to understand the fast-talking woman -- but it's a fun construct (and even though I'm a fairly frequent Despairer, heard some things I didn't notice on the site's stories).

    Nice "camera" work, especially in the middle, when the man turns just at the kicker.

    We're trying to work out a weekly-ish podcast, over at -- but we're not there yet. Tougher than it seems, to do right.

    Congrats on yet another Desdemona innovation! Delightful to see.  

  3. Gail said...

    nah nah.

    come on.

    there HAS to be a better way to dramatize this for Joe the Plumber!

    Of course I am in awe of the effort. But can't we get a personable human talking real empirical effects, with compelling background video?

    Oh god, I hope you can do it, because practically nobody else is even trying!  

  4. sales said...

    Hmm. Interesting, but probably not my preference. Audio quality is "muddy".

    I tend to not memorize / file away in my overloaded brain audio clips as well as stuff I read. Pretty sure there is some studies on this too by the way, we retain what we read better then what we hear.

    I like the short articles better, and the pictures you include, they're "referencable", you can point someone else to this and show them what's happening, versus having to listen to the whole broadcast with the new format. The pictures you include are very desirable (imo).

    You've got a great site here. Would definitely recommend your own domain, if you need any help on this contact me privately. ~Survival Acres~  

  5. Amelie Lillith said...

    I like the idea of this, but I too had problems understanding the robotic voices. Perhaps have a more human sound to this with a picture up in the corner like a traditional newscast. Also, links to the stories could appear, in order in the 'info' section on YouTube so people could click them if intrigued by the short excerpt of the story.  

  6. Jim said...

    Thanks to everybody for the feedback and encouragement.

    For those who are concerned that this will replace the blog format, have no fears; I was imagining this as a weekly post.

    I've found a somewhat better female voice (xtraNormal charges a buck per character, and you can't preview them!) and I've experimented with inserting graphics (which crashes the app).

    So please bear with me as I slowly improve the quality of this particular feature.

    Btw, if you haven't found it yet, I've owned the domain for awhile. I'm considering a branded line of apparel...  


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