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Temperature Anomalies. Analysis by Tamino (

Several things are abundantly clear:

  • The “sudden recent warming” is right there. For every grid. Just open your eyes.
  • For every grid the last decade is the warmest.
  • Over the last 3 decades, 108 out of 113 individual stations indicate warming, 48 of 113 are significant at 95% confidence, none show significant cooling.
  • Oft-repeated claims that “it was warmer in the 1930s” or “it was warmer in the 1940s” are wrong. For every grid.
  • The idea that present arctic temperatures are about equal to their 1958 values is “not even wrong.” For every grid.

Arctic Analysis

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  1. Michael Jensen said...

    Hey Jim --

    We've linked to this story from -- the apocadocs site -- as we have many others.

    We appreciate the shout-outs when you link to us ("via Apocadocs") -- we'll be putting together a list of resources soon(ish) on our site, which will have DD prominently on the list.

    It's hard, doing what we do, isn't it? Some days our humor keeps it at bay for awhile, but documenting the inexorable collapse of all we've known.... some days it sucks.

    Thank you for what you do -- it's a remarkably lonely task, that too few are doing (distilling the structural horror). I think it'll be a growth industry, alas, in the future.

    Drop us a line when you can -- apocadocs a t -- we are at the vanguard, might as well connect!

    Best, 'Doc Michael  


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